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Christina DeHoff About

“My artwork is intended to lift the heart and bring something magical into awareness. My inspirations come in the form of visions and they feel connected to a universal message that I believe crosses cultural boundaries by evoking shared emotions and honoring this human experience.”


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Raised in Maine Christina now makes her home on the island of Maui. After graduating from the University of Maine in 1995 with a BS in Art Education, Christina created, owned and operated the Gallery at 357 Main in Rockland, Maine. For 10 years she represented over 50 artists. In 1999 Christina hung the rst solo show of her own paintings which proved very successful. Within two weeks all 30 paintings had sold. For the next 7 years she exhibited her paintings annually, with the same level of success. In 2006 Christina sold the gallery to pursue her art making full time.

Christina’s materials range from oil on canvas to mixed media works which incorporate acrylic, oil and metal leaf on either panel or canvas.

“The Hawaiian culture feels like home to me in ways I could not have predicted.
I am inspired by the honoring of the land and our connection to it, the honoring of our elders and ancestors and the wisdom they carry, the respect for the unseen forces depicted as Gods and Goddesses, the tradition of dance as a form of communication that is deeply soulful, the concept of creating Ohana and the importance of friends as family. There is a celebration of diversity here that just feels right. All of these things were alive in me long before I came to Hawaii and are what fuel my paintings.”