About Permission Apparel


We are multi layered and diverse individuals. I feel those layers and differences are something to embrace and celebrate and express.

Permission Apparel designs are sassy, fun, and empowering.

Permission Mission 1

A life lived to its full expression pushes us to expand, be brave and take risks. The idea of Permission Apparel unfolded for me after a challenging period in my own life that involved letting go of many things that were holding me back both personally and creatively.

I came to the realization that I had lived much of my life needing to feel approval from the world around me before I could move forward. I am a strong, centered and confident woman…and yet I still have needed to find ways to give myself permission to be who I am.

I’ve been tested, opened, challenged and pushed to the edge of my personal cliff many times. Throughout the years I have stood teetering on that cliff of needed change. Being fearful of change, I have clung to the edge of solid ground and to what I thought I knew. Ultimately the ground is forced to give way and I slipped off the cliff into the life change that needed to happen.

So many times I have done this forced free fall…so many women I know have done the same. We fight a change that needs to occur or we do not listen to that subtle inner voice and deeper guidance system until it makes us listen with harsher life wake ups. That subtle voice told me to give this apparel idea a chance. I am listening.

Permission Mission 2

Some of the art I like to create is sensual, beautiful and channeled from a fantastical realm. Another aspect of my art is spiritual, serious and culturally relevant. I’ve had to give myself permission to do all of it in an art world that often wants us to choose one direction. When I am creating the designs for Permission Apparel I get to dive into that playful, open, creative place and it is such a joyful process.

Permission Mission 3

My hope and intention is that when you wear Permission Apparel it will inspire you to feel more connected to your own self-expression and help your many facets shine brightly.

Be a free spirit.

Love who you want to love.

Own your sexuality and be proud of who you are.

Express yourself without fear or shame.

Believe in your dreams and have confidence.

Speak your truth and be heard.

Wear what you believe in and be seen.

All Photography by Richard Marks