Richard Marks Photographs Love • Permission Apparel
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Richard Marks Photographs Love

“On December 2, 2013, same sex marriage was legalized in Hawaii. Upon hearing that great news, my friends and I on Maui, as well as my friends in the San Francisco Bay area all launched into a wild ecstatic dance of celebration! I recently photographed a full day gay wedding at the Olowalu Plantation House just a few miles from Lahaina. There was not a dry eye during the wedding ceremony and my tears of joy kept fogging up the eyepiece on my camera, I absolutely loved shooting that wedding, and we had a blast together!”
-Richard Marks
On Instagram:

Richard Marks entered my life through mutual friends when I first moved to Maui. We were in the same dance community. I remember seeing his photography on the cover of Maui Vision Magazine and recognizing how soulful it was. I don’t recall how our first photo shoot evolved, but over the years I have been very lucky to collaborate with Richard on many creative projects.

Richard has photographed me for all of my artist promotional photos.
We have worked together in my studio, at the beach, on lava rocks, in rivers and the jungle.
We celebrated my Dad turning 80 with a family photo shoot by Richard. It was the one and only time my entire family has been together here on Maui. I treasure those photos every day.

When it came time to photograph my Permission Apparel shirt designs for the new website, I wanted Richard’s eye and energy involved. I am so grateful he said yes. Richard has captured the positive, fun, sexy, empowered and open heart spirit of my new business.

Richard has gone above and beyond the call of duty on so many shoots. He even fell in a river backwards while shooting pictures of me a few years ago. Somehow every part of him was submerged in water accept for his camera held high above his head…I will never forget that amazing save! My point is…Richard is a dream to work with and be photographed by.
He is a deeply heart centered human with a passion for making art out of everything and everyone he photographs. His creative and positive mind will have you playfully enjoying every moment of your time with him. Richard is highly intuitive and able to communicate visually a deep sense of who his subject is.

Richard wears my Love is Love T shirt proudly. He is an advocate for same sex marriage and celebrates the opportunity to offer his wedding photography to this growing community of brides and grooms.

Mahalo Richard for helping me birth my mermaid visions for Permission Apparel!

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